Ancillary Equipment

Resolution Rigging Services Pty Ltd has a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment to complement our range of crane models to be able to meet all your lifting needs. All equipment is made to Australian Standards AS1418.1/2002 and is fully certified for safe use as per Australian Standards AS2550.1/2002.

Bricks Cage

Designed to safely move pallets of bricks, or similar loose products on pallets to a work location via overhead crane.
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Concrete Kibble

Useful for holding and transferring concrete from truck to placement point. Available in 1m3 and 1.5m3 dual discharge.
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Goods Cage

Used for moving loose items eg. kitchens and ducting, without damage to materials.
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Man Box

The Man Box carries up to 4 personnel and is used to perform works on elevated areas where scaffold or cherry pickers are not able to be erected or utilised.
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Oxy Cage

Great for transporting Oxy and/or welding equipment safely around a worksite.
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Spreader Bar

Ideal for use when lifting items such as site sheds to spread the width of the lifting sling, avoiding damage to the shed roof.
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